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Management Team

Daniel Egger

Karen Hiser

Peter Roozemaal

About OSRM

Open Source Risk Management, Inc was founded in 2003 to support the continued strength and growth of free and Open Source software through a comprehensive offering of sophisticated risk management services. An approach of fostering a collaborative, community-based model for identification and mitigation of relevant litigation risks provides significant benefits to OSRM clients while protecting the unique advantages of the Open Source development model.

Our consulting services are built on a proprietary risk assessment methodology, developed through years of experience in examining and measuring Open Source licensing and compliance risk.

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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel recognized that a comprehensive approach including vendor-neutral indemnification for end-users of free and open source software is necessary to bolster and accelerate its growth in the enterprise.

Daniel provides extensive leadership in addition to commercial software development, risk management, and finance experience. In 1992 he founded Libertech, a venture-backed database search technology company, to commercialize pattern-matching algorithms he had developed and patented while doing graduate work in statistics and mathematical modeling. After selling Libertech in 1996, he joined Eno River Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, where he is currently Managing Partner.

Daniel is a graduate of Yale University and the Yale Law School, and clerked for Judge William Bryant of the United States District Court in Washington, DC. He is currently the first Howard Johnson Foundation Entrepreneur in Residence at Duke University.

Director of Compliance Services

Karen brings 17 years of professional services expertise to OSRM. Her background includes providing technology and business consulting services to Fortune 1000 enterprises, early stage growth companies, educational institutions, and Federal, state, and local governments. Karen was most recently the Vice President of Services for SciQuest, a private software vendor based in Research Triangle, North Carolina.

Karen graduated cum laude from Virginia Tech with a degree in Mathematics and was formerly a Principal Consultant at CGI-AMS in Fairfax, Virginia.

Lead Compliance Services Consultant

Peter is interested in the history of computing and security and quality issues with software. He endorses the view that, from a social point of view, the processes in open source software development can lead to better quality software. Peter has shown an interest in politics and law from an early age; he combines hobbies and technological knowledge as webmaster for www.groklaw.net and www.grokline.net in addition to his role as OSRM's lead Compliance Services consultant.

Peter studied at the Delft University of Technology where he majored in Applied Mathematics. After graduation he started a career as a Software Engineer and worked on several leading-edge technology projects. Peter has been working with Unix and Unix-like operating systems for over 10 years and prefers the Linux/Gnome/GNU platform for work and home use.


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