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Solutions: Code Audits

OSRM’s Code Audits are a cost-effective mechanism for identifying Open Source in your code base, determining how it is used and whether its use presents any risks of copyright or license infringement. Rather than leaving the ownership of your technology assets to chance, OSRM’s Code Audits help you proactively determine your risk level and build a baseline from which to manage changes going forward.

Unlike traditional source code scans, our comprehensive audits include an interdisciplinary review encompassing all aspects of the business affected by Open Source use—engineering, legal, business, and risk management. We bring the results of this review together with a source code scan using our proprietary Silhouette code scanner or the tool of your choice, to create a complete picture of your risk profile and identify specific, cost-effective corrective actions.

OSRM performs the industry’s only Code Audits that are certified for Open Source insurance underwriting by Lloyd’s of London.

Contact OSRM to find out how we can help you know your code base.

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Customer Testimonial

“OSRM’s Code Audits allow us to accurately identify and assess the financial impact of any Open Source licensing issues during M&A due diligence. The Silhouette Report provides easy-to-understand, actionable guidance for all our stakeholders in a transaction, from the lawyers to the product managers and engineers.
We’ve made OSRM’s Code Audits a standard part of every acquisition we do.”

John Emanuel, Sr. Director, Business Development


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