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Open Source Insurance

OSRM is the exclusive risk assessor on the world’s first insurance facility to cover the specialized risks faced by enterprises that include or rely upon elements of Linux and other Open Source software in their commercial products or IT infrastructure.

Designed to deal with the unique but substantial business risks involved in mergers and acquisitions or other corporate transactions, the insurance provides up to $10 million in coverage for:

• Loss of profits resulting from a legal settlement preventing the use or sale of the insured’s product(s) resulting from the requirement to distribute certain code or products, in compliance with an Open Source software license;

• The impaired valuation of an acquisition agreement or adjusted sale price thereof, resulting from the requirement to distribute code or products exchanging Open Source software in compliance with an Open Source software license;

• Costs to repair or replace code so that it complies.

The insurance is underwritten through Kiln, an international insurance and reinsurance underwriting group that specializes in complex, unusual risk. For more information about Open Source Compliance representation and warranty insurance, download the data sheet or contact your broker or:

Matthew Hogg at Kiln
+44 (0) 20 7886 9000



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