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When you put together a jigsaw puzzle, you usually start with all of the pieces. Open Source brings many new rights but also new risks—the missing pieces to a robust Open Source strategy. Open Source Risk Management helps you bring these pieces together to know, strengthen, and protect your investment through our services for Open Source builders, distributors, and users.

Code Audits
For organizations with an existing code base, we help you understand your risk level for copyright and licensing issues. Supported by our proprietary Silhouette™ code scanning technology, our interdisciplinary code audits are based on a rigorous risk-management protocol developed for underwriting Open Source insurance at Lloyd’s of London. More >>

Best Practices and Education
Our Best Practices and Education solutions are comprehensive programs tailored to the unique business goals, risk profile and technical environment of each organization. Educational programs, policies and procedures, and engineering guidelines are just of the programs that we can help you develop and implement. More >>

Open Source Insurance
Through our partnership with the Lloyd’s of London managing agency, Kiln plc, we are the exclusive risk assessors on the world’s first insurance to cover the specialized risks faced by enterprises using or relying on Open Source. More >>



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